Invented in 1994 by Normand and Gilbert Provencher, the EdenAir system was engineered to fully address the pressing needs in terms of indoor air quality.

"Our homes have never been so well built and insulated. Unfortunately, however, this increases the risk of bacterial and mould contamination."

Normand and Gilbert built a prototype that was engineered to control all aspects of indoor air quality. The EdenAir system combines an array of features such as air exchange, cooling, heating, humidity control and ventilation. The prototype was submitted for tests and analyses at Sherbrooke University, where researchers determined that it was a highly effective, fully integrated system.

Thus was born a company with a clear mission: to provide its customers with high-quality indoor air.

"We are committed to providing our customers with products and services of unmatched quality. Our leadership rests on our ability to innovate and on the outstanding features of our products, both in terms of performance and safety."

Setting the bar higher.
We set the standards for excellence in the area of indoor air quality. And, we always honour our commitments.